Drink Cocktails and Cola from Phone Simulator

Project Details

  • Release Data: 13/10/20
  • Downloads: 100 000 - 500 000
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Thanks to this entertainment application you can pretend to drink a fresh cocktail from your phone whenever you want to. This app will change your mobile device into a simulator of glass with delicious soda, juice, cola or any other of 15 delicious beverages to choose from.

Become a bartender and prepare your own cool non alcoholic drinks. Select type of drink, add your favorite ingredients, choose type of foam, adjust your virtual glass background and your colorful beverage is ready.

What is the best way to use our drinking simulator?

1. Stand sideways to your friends. Hold your phone in your hand with the screen directed into your friends. Hold your phone like a real glass of iced drink.
2. Touch your screen to add some ingredients.
3. Put the phone to your mouth and tilt it slowly up – as if you were tilting a glass trying to drink the whole cocktail. The virtual soda will start disappearing and finally a glass will be totally empty.
4. Your friends will be impressed 🙂

Why is it the best drink simulator?
🍹 15 yummy beverage types to choose from
🍸 40 ingredients (fresh fruits and ice cubes 🧊)
🥂 13 virtual glass backgrounds
🍋 best tool for making pranks and jokes