Virtual Lighter

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  • Release Data: 24/02/20
  • Downloads: 10 000 000 - 50 000 000
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Add a new function to your phone – a virtual lighter.

Thanks to “Virtual lighter” you will change your phone into simulator of metal cigarette lighter.
Open the cap of the lighter using your finger or just shake your phone. Top lid will be opened. Then strike the stone wheel as if you were doing it with a real lighter. The spark will appear under the flint. It will light the wick. If you don’t manage to make the fire for the first time, don’t worry. Try again. Finally the lighter will be started. The flame will react on the movement of your phone. Try to tilt the phone and observe how the flame follows the movement of the phone. If you want to stop the fire, close the top cap with your finger or shake the phone. You can also blow towards the fire to put out the flame. (To use the feature of stopping the light by blowing you have to turn it on in settings).

Additionally you can turn on torch mode feature, which will start the flash of the camera every time the flame of the lighter is created. Check this setting at night and check how realistic effect it gives.

Surprise your friend next time he asks you to light on his cigarette. Present him your virtual lighter. Realistic movement of the flame and the casing will shock your friends.
This application can also replace the real lighter on the concert or on a romantic date.

Main features:
– realistic behavior of the casing and the flame.
– put out the flame by blowing towards the phone.
– torch mode.
– realistic sound.