Fake Call Pro – Incoming Call Simulator

Project Details

  • Release Data: 25/06/20
  • Downloads: 1 000 000 - 5 000 000
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This useful tool will let you set a fake incoming phone calls on your phone. Incoming call simulation will look very realistic and you will be able to adjust the appearance and behaviour of the calling screen in your own way. After the fake call appears on screen, you can answer or reject the call, just like during a real telephone call.

You can set each fake phone call according to your own preferences:
⭐ set the fake phone number, name and photo of calling person or get caller information from your phonebook
⭐ choose ringtone sound
⭐ select the audio (e.g. fake conversation) to be played after you answer the prank call. You can choose from existing audio files, record your own or don’t play any sound at all.
⭐ turn on/off vibration when calling

Fake incoming call can appear in different ways:
⭐ immediately after you press “Start Call”
⭐ after the given time
⭐ at specific time in future (you can even set exact second)
⭐ after your shake your phone
⭐ after your whistle

For those, who need fast access to prank dial we have prepared android icon shortcuts. Just press fake call app icon for a longer time and you can run fake call immediately or in 5, 10 or 15 seconds time (shortcuts feature available only on certain phones).