Cigarette Smoking Simulator – iCigarette

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  • Release Data: 12/07/20
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Disclaimer: This app simulates behavior of a cigarette box and a burning cigarette. You won’t get a real tobacco cigarette and there will be no smoke coming out of your phone. It is only a graphic visualization of cigarette and its box. Use it to make a prank with your friends.

How to use it?
First you need to open packet of cigarettes and take one out. Next you can look how it burns out slowly on the screen of your phone. You can hold your phone near your mouth and pretend to smoke our virtual cigarette. Blow in the area of a microphone (first you need to enable blow function in settings) or touch cigarette to burn it faster.

This app has very realistic animation of a rising smoke, based on particle system. Smoke will always rise up (to the sky), no matter how you hold your phone. Rotate your phone and check its behaviour on your own.

Main features of our entertainment application:
🚬 Realistic animation of smoke based on particle system
🚬 Blow on phone’s microphone to burn cigarette faster
🚬 You smoke virtually and don’t poison yourself and others