Mega Zoom Camera – xZoom

Project Details

  • Release Data: 26/07/20
  • Downloads: 5 000 000 - 10 000 000
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This tool will let you use maximum hardware optical/digital zoom values of your build-in camera while taking photos. Additionally this app is equipped with our original idea: mega digital zoom (zoom beyond max hardware values), which will let you observe and photograph objects, which are in the far distance.

How does it work?
Typically your built-in camera operates with digital zoom. Some of phones are equiped and use also optical zoom. This app allows you to use maximum values of digital and optical hardware zoom. Additionally, after reaching maximum manufacture values, you can use our own digital super zoom. It uses advanced zooming algorithm (bilinear interpolation), which will let you take photos even from a further distance (maximum value of mega zoom differs depending on camera model installed in your phone).

In application you can additionally set (Accessibility depends on phone model):
🎨 effect of camera view (negative, sephia etc.)
🎨 type of scene (beach, landscape, party etc)
🎨 white balance (daylight, shadow etc.)

Main app features:
📷 use maximum hardware digital and optical zoom
📷 additional, own digital super zoom
📷 settings: camera effect, scene and white balance