Beer Simulator – iBeer

Project Details

  • Release Data: 13/05/20
  • Downloads: 1 000 000 - 5 000000
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This cool app changes your phone into drinking beer simulator. Thanks to it you can pretend that you drink a beer from your phone. Alcoholic beverage simulation looks and behaves in a very realistic way. It has naturally looking bubble effect, fluent foam animation and liquid that moves according to physics rules. Just tilt your phone and watch how lager is moving in a glass. When glass is empty you can pour yourself another free carbonated drink. Just shake your phone!

How to use virtual beer:
1. Stand sideways to your friends.
2. Hold your phone as if you were holding a real mug of your favorite alcohol. Keep the phone directed at your viewers.
3. Put the phone to your mouth and tilt it slowly up – as if you were tilting a glass trying to drink everything. The virtual beer will start disappearing and finally a glass will be totally empty.
4. Pure Magic! Your friends will be impressed.

Main features of simulator:
🍺 realistic beer behaviour
🍻 naturally looking foam and bubble animation
🥂 ideal tool for making joke and prank