Turtle Walks in Phone joke

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  • Release Data: 13/12/17
  • Downloads: 500 000 - 1 000 000
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After installing application “Turtle walks in phone joke” you will be able to add a cute turtle to your phone. Animation of a walking animal will be displayed over all applications in your phone. It will always be visible. You can browse the Internet, play games or browse your favorite social networks and the virtual turtle will always be with you. Thanks to very realistic animation, based on video of movement of a real tortoise, you will have impression as if a real reptile was walking on your phone. Your friends will be shocked!

You can set how big the turtle is going to be, which edge of the screen is it supposed to move or after what time it will appear on the screen of yours or your friend’s phone. Below we present an interesting way to scare your friend:
1. Borrow phone from your victim.
2. Install our turtle simulator.
3. Set the delay time, e.g. for 15 seconds.
4. Give the phone back to your friend. Make sure he or she looks at the phone for at least 15 seconds. Ask him or her to e.g. check cinema program for you.
5. After 15 seconds a reptile will shamble slowly on the screen. Prank is ready. You can laugh!

To make sure that your victim won’t notice that an animal is about to appear on the screen we have added settings, thanks to which turtle icon in notification bar will invisible. You only have to enter settings and choose proper option.
This application cooperates with Android Wear. You can start tortoise simulator on your phone anytime you want to. You only have to press the button on your watch.