Cockroaches in Phone Ugly Joke

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  • Release Data: 21/09/17
  • Downloads: 10 000 - 50 000
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Scare your friends in a very easy way. Install them application “Cockroaches in Phone Ugly Joke” and very realistic animation of cockroaches will be displayed on the screens of their phones. Simulation of small pests walking on the screen is so realistic that most of your friends will think that real insects are walking on their phones. Make sure they won’t drop their phones in fear!

Virtual pests will be displayed over all started applications. Your victims can use their phones normally. They can start playing games, browse Internet, watch film and virtual cockroaches will appear on the screen anyway. Nothing will cover them. It will be possible to remove them from the screen any time by pressing remove button in notification bar or by simply starting our free cockroach app again.

Below we are presenting the best way to make an ideal joke:
1. Borrow phone from your victim. Tell that you have to call urgently and your battery is dead.
2. Install our cockroach simulator.
3. Set the time after which you want bugs to appear on the screen, eg. 10 seconds.
4. Give the phone back to your friend and tell him or her that something interesting have appeared on the social network. Let him or her check it!
5. Your friend will start browsing network and meanwhile disgusting insects will appear on the screen.
Joke is ready!

Why it is worth to install our entertainment application:
– very realistic animation of cockroaches
– realistic, high quality insects sounds
– possibility of setting size of roaches