Frog walking on screen joke

Project Details

  • Release Data: 25/11/16
  • Downloads: 100 000-500 000
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An application “Frog walking on screen joke” will display very realistic animation of a slithery frog. A virtual animal will be walking on the screen of your phone. All frames of animation are displayed on the transparent background, thanks to which amphibian will always be walking on the top of all applications and nothing will cover it. You can play games, browse internet or even watch photos, an animal will always be visible. An animation of vertebrate was generated on the basis of a real film showing a moving amphibia. A realistic and natural movement of legs, body and head will make everyone believe that a real frog is moving on your phone.

Use this entertainment application and make your friends a joke:
1. Install our application on your phone.
2. Start an application with time delay, e.g. 10 seconds.
3. Give your phone to your victim and ask him or her to show e.g. how to set a wallpaper in the phone.
4. After 10 seconds a slithery animal will appear on the phone. Your friend must be scared. A joke is ready!

If you want to be more sure, that your joke will succeed, set the transparent notification icon mode. This setting will make your friend not notice time countdown, after which a frog will appear on his or her screen.

Main features of application:
– realistic behavior and movement of frog
– a frog appear on the screen after given time
– animal walks always on the top of other applications