Bunny in Phone Cute joke

Project Details

  • Release Data: 13/04/17
  • Downloads: 1 000 000 - 5 000 000
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“Bunny in Phone Cute joke” is a entertainment application, which displays a very realistic animation of a bunny on the screen of your phone.
An animal is hopping over all icons and currently running programs. You can play games, read emails, browse social portals and virtual animal is still visible. The only way of removing it from the phone is starting “Bunny in phone cute joke” again or pressing remove button in top Android notification bar.
The graphic simulation of the rabbit was created on the basis of a real film. Thanks to it, the movement and appearance of the mammal is very natural. Additionally we give you possibility to personalize the bunny. In the settings you can change its size, choose the edge of the screen on which it is moving or turn on bunny sounds.
Use this application in Easter and take in the rabbit into your phone. Let all your family think that a real mammal has settled in your phone!

How to cheat your friends and family:
1. Lend a phone from your victim.
2. Install our application.
3. Set the time of delay (in settings) for e.g. 10 sec. and start countdown.
4. Give the phone back.
5. After 10 seconds a beautiful rabbit will appear on the screen. Joke is ready!

Main features of application:
– realistic animation of the rabbit
– high quality animal sounds
– adjust size of a bunny