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  • Release Data: 26/05/20
  • Downloads: 1 000 000 - 5 000 000
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This tool will allow you to deceive your GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver and set your phone location to anywhere in the world. It is so easy! Just enter the place where you would like to be or point it on the map. Start fake GPS by pressing play button and your phone position is changed. Your phone will believe that it is in totally different place (e.g. romantic Paris, modern New York or exotic Bangkok) than it is in reality. Most games and applications installed on your phone will be receiving information about fake location and your real coordinates will be hidden. If you want your fake position to be even more reliable you can use a movement simulation feature. Select movement type (on foot, by car or by plane) and direction which you want to move in.
Your latitude and longitude will start changing.

But how does our position manipulator work?
Android devices are equipped with settings for developers. One of these settings is mocking GPS coordinates in order to test new applications. Our tool uses this feature and thanks to it most applications installed on your phone don’t see your real coordinates but the fake ones, chosen by you.

What do you need to do to change GPS location?
Apart from installing our application you also have to do some adjustments in settings of your phone. Our application has graphic tutorial presenting what you have to do step by step. In brief you have to:

1. If you have mobile phone with Android 4.2 (or above) version first you have to activate developer hidden menu.

2. After that you have to find “Mock location” feature in developer settings and choose “Fake GPS Location PROFESSIONAL” from the list of available applications.
Now you can start our tool, mark new, virtual location on the map and press play button. It is ready!

NOTE: Your Android phone doesn’t need to be ROOTED in order to use our location spoofer.