My Death Date Calculator & Grave Editor

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  • Release Data: 26/11/18
  • Downloads: 100 000 - 500 000
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With the help of „My Death Date Calculator & Grave Editor” you will be able to fix an estimated date of your death. You only have to give few basic data, e.g. birth date, your homeland and answer series of questions regarding your health state, lifestyle, habits or addictions. Our advanced algorithm will estimate a year, a month and a day you may die, taking into consideration all given data.
In addition to the death date prediction, you will also get some statistics and tips regarding your life, eg. amount of days/minutes already lived, how many days/minutes you will still live for.

Having a forecast of your death date you will be able to create your own grave. We give you the choice of 16 different graves (some of tombstone themes are chargeable). Choose by yourself if your dream grave will be made of granite, marble or sandstone.
You will be able to change name and surname chiseled in a stone, add your own epitaph or choose display format of the birth and death date. Additionally you will be able to decorate your tombstone by adding photos from the gallery or by taking new ones with the help of your photo camera.
When headstone is ready, you can share it with your friends. Maybe you will persuade them to use our death date calculator and create visualization of own gravestone.

Information note:
This app has been created only for entertainment purpose. Your death date will be calculated using computer algorithm and please don’t treat it seriously.