Bird in phone: flying hummingbird joke

Project Details

  • Release Data: 20/10/19
  • Downloads: 500 - 1000
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If you like animals, especially birds, this application is for you. “Bird in phone: hummingbird flying joke” will display very realistic animation of hummingbird on the screen of your phone. Video with small bird will be displayed on a transparent background. Thanks to it you will almost always see your flying friend on your phone.
You can play games, write back to your friends on chat, browse social networks and hummingbird will be flying all the time on the screen. Motion of the bird and flutter of its wings look very natural. Additional sound effects, such as a squeal of hummingbird, sound of fast moving wings make this free application an ideal tool to make pranks of your friends. In easy way you can make them believe that a real bird has nested in your phone.

If you are fed up with your bird, you can get rid of it any time in easy way.
You only have to press proper button in top notification bar of android or start application again. Hummingbird will disappear.

Why is it worth installing this free application?
✔️ smooth, realistic and high quality motion of the bird
✔️ flying hummingbird always visible on the phone
✔️ perfect application to prank friends

Wear OS: this app is also available for Wear OS devices. Wear OS app is not a standalone app. To work correctly it needs phone app. Using wearable app you can trigger a bird on your phone. Just press button on your smartwatch and bird will appear on your phone app.