Electric Shaver – Hair Clipper, Razor

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  • Release Data: 30/04/20
  • Downloads: 1 000 000 - 5 000000
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Change your phone into hair clipper simulator!

“Electric Shaver – Hair Clipper, Razor ” changes your phone into simulator of electric razor. Our high quality app will display realistic picture of a clipper on the screen of your phone.
Behind electric trimmer you would see a live view from your phone’s build-in camera. After you switch on virtual shaver, app will play very realistic sound of working shaver.
All you have to do is to bring a clipper closer to hair on your head or beard. Virtual trimmer simulator uses proximity sensor and image processing of a camera view to detect if the phone touches your body.
When skin touch is detected the sound imitating hair shaving will be started, a vibration will be turned on and an animation of cut hair will be displayed.
To make your fake hair cutting more realistic you can adjust colour and thickness of falling hair.

Why we think it is probably the best razor simulator on the market:
– detects skin touch with the use of proximity sensor and camera image processing
– realistic sound and graphics
– hair thickness and color adjustment