Water ripples: realistic pond live Wallpaper

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  • Release Data: 19/01/21
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“Water ripples: realistic pond live Wallpaper” will change your phone into a very realistic simulator of water surface. Touch or move your finger on the screen to create new waves on the surface. Thanks to advanced fluids rendering algorithm, the movement of waves looks very natural and resembles behavior of liquid in its natural environment. Waves bounce from the edge of the screen and disappear with time.

Interactive water effect can be set as live wallpaper on your home screen or open as separate activity. You can customize simulator background to your liking. Select one of 15 beautiful images e.g mosaic, rocks, coral reef, sunken ship or choose photo from your phone’s gallery.

Water drop effect is displayed with the help of OpenGL ES 2.0. You can adjust several simulator attributes, like:
☔ rain mode: rain drops fall on the surface and create waves. You can set falling raindrops speed.
🌊 power of waves fading: choose how fast waves are supposed to fade out.
💧 size of water ripple: choose how big ripple should be created when you touch the surface.
✔️ quality of render: water simulator quality. The higher quality the more natural effect, but it can also work slower.

Main features of the application:
✔️ multitouch support
✔️ 15 beautiful backgrounds
✔️ personalize live water behavior.