Spider in phone funny joke

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  • Release Data: 17/03/20
  • Downloads: 10 000 000 - 50 000 000
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Frightful spider walking on the screen of your phone!
Throw an animated spider on the screen of your phone. Application “Spider in phone funny joke” will display a photorealistic animation of spiders in motion on the screen. You will think that real spiders are walking on your phone. Animation presents two species of spiders: “Tegenaria domestica” and “Wolf spider”, which are moving around the whole screen. Meanwhile you can normally use your phone: play games, read emails, browse the Internet. None of working applications will cover spiders. They will always be on the top.

Remember: you can remove the application from the screen any time you want by pressing the icon of application with inscription: “Remove spiders” in notification bar.
This application is perfect to scare your friends, who suffer from arachnophobia. You can also try it out on friends, who aren’t afraid of spiders – maybe you will manage to cheat and scare also them.

Additionally to make it easy to cheat your friends we give you possibility to set time after which awful spiders will appear on the screen and possibility to set a transparent icon of removing spiders in notification bar. Both options will increase the chance of success of the joke.
How can you make a joke?
Borrow the phone from your friend for a moment. Install “Spider in phone funny joke”, set the time of appearing spiders for 5 seconds, press “Show the spider” and give the phone back to your friend. Tell him to check e.g. the weather forecast in his phone. An ugly spider will appear on the screen of his phone after 5 seconds. Your friend may believe that a real spider is walking on his phone. He may be really scared.

Main advantages of “Spider in phone funny joke”:
– realistic and smooth animation of spiders.
– choice of time after which spiders will appear on the screen.
– transparent icon of removing spiders in notification bar.
– user can use phone while spiders on screen