Snow on Screen Winter Effect

Project Details

  • Release Data: 10/12/15
  • Downloads: 1 000 000 - 5 000 000
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Application “Snow on screen winter effect” displays very realistic animation of falling snow on the screen of your phone. A real, snowy, frosty winter will spread in your phone.You can set a simulation of winter as an live wallpaper or/and display it on the foreground of the screen of your phone. Winter effect in the foreground will always be visible, no matter if you are playing game, browsing Internet or listening to your favourite music.
Our virtual snow uses additionally built-in phone accelerometer. Thanks to it our snow always falls in the direction to the ground, regardless of the position of the phone. Additionally you can set kind of snowflakes, their amount and speed of falling. These settings will let you create very diversed snow effects, from a very slow snowfall in peaceful winter evening to snowstorm. By setting snow effect as an animated wallpaper you have possibility to choose a background for falling snow. You can choose one of eight high quality wallpapers with beautiful landscapes.

Most important functions of application:
– falling snow as live wallpaper and/or always displayed in the foreground
– snowflakes always fall in the ground direction
– works both in portrait and landscape mode
– 6 kinds of snowflakes to choose from
– adjustable amount and speed of falling flakes
– 8 beautiful snowy wallpapers