Lizard in phone funny joke

Project Details

  • Release Data: 25/07/16
  • Downloads: 1 000 000-5 000 000
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This application will display very realistic animation of a crawling lizard on the screen of your phone. High quality and fluency of animation of the reptile will let you trick your friends easily. They will think there is a real lizard moving on the screen of their phones. You will make a great fun of them.

Animation of lizard is displayed on transparent background and on the top of all running programs in phone. User can use his mobile phone normally while a real looking lizard moves on his screen. No game or application will cover the reptile, even the top notification bar.

Application gives you possibility to set the time after which the realistic animation will be displayed. Additionally, you can set transparent notification icon displayed in Android notification bar. Both settings will make it much easier to trick your friends.

How can you scare somebody?
Borrow your friend’s mobile phone under the pretext of sending sms or checking something on the Internet. Install “Lizard in phone funny joke”. Preset the lizard’s appearance time to say 5 seconds later. Press “show lizard” and give the phone back to your friend. You have to make your friend look at the screen of his phone for at least 5 seconds. Tell him to check for example weather forecast or train schedule. After 5 seconds, ugly lizards will appear on his phone. Joke is ready!

Main features of “Lizard in phone funny joke”:
– fluent and realistic animation of lizards
– transparent icon in notification bar
– setting the time after which reptiles will appear.