Laser Sword – Lightsaber Simulator

Project Details

  • Release Data: 17/05/21
  • Downloads: 10000 - 50000
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‘Laser Sword – Lightsaber Simulator’ is an entertainment app. It will change your phone into a laser sword simulator.

How to use?
Touch the handle of the sword to pull out the concentrated laser beam. Take your phone into your hand as if you were taking a real sword. Do cuts in the air using a phone.
Simulator will detect fast movement and will:
– play the sound of air cut made by the sword
– add light effect with the use of camera’s flashlight (please first activate it in settings)
– will vibrate your phone
When you’ve had enough you can touch the handle again to hide the laser.

You can change lightsaber color in settings.
You will get the best effect of sword simulator at night.

Main app features:
– cosmic sound and cool visual effects
– change lightsaber laser beam color
– sword sensitivity adjustment