Fish in Phone Aquarium Joke – iFish

Project Details

  • Release Data: 08/12/20
  • Downloads: 50 000 - 100 000
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This cool app will display animation of a fish on the screen of your phone. Just press “Show Fish” and give app permission to draw over other apps. Virtual animal will start swimming on your screen. You will also hear underwater sound. You can feel, like you have an aquarium in your phone. One big and several small fish will be visible almost all the time (it will be displayed in the foreground of all running apps). You can use your favorite social network, browse internet or play a game and you will still see golden fish and hear underwater sounds.

Remember: You can always remove animal animation by pressing “Tap here to remove fish” in android top notification bar or run app again.

Top features:
🐟 fluent and realistic animation of aquatic animal
🐠 adjust animal size
🦈 setting the time after which gold fish will appear
🐡 ideal tool for making jokes