Electric Stun Gun Simulator – iGun

Project Details

  • Release Data: 04/06/20
  • Downloads: 1 000 000 - 5 000 000
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Install “Electric Stun Gun Simulator – iGun” and change your phone into electroshock weapon simulator. App displays image of a real taser gun and simulates lighting and electricity coming out of electrodes. Just press and hold your finger on electro shock weapon’s picture and it will start working. An animation of high voltage electricity coming from the top probe will show up. You will notice pulsating vibration, hear electric shock sound and see LED light flashing like a stroboscope (the option of camera flash light available only on some devices). If you think that electricity effect is too weak open settings and adjust device voltage by yourself. Remember that you will gain the best visual effect using the app at night. To make simulator even more reliable it shows live camera view under fake weapon image. You will have an impression, as if you were holding a real electroshock device. You can turn off the virtual stun gun at any moment by taking off your finger from the picture of device.

Why this app needs permission to access your camera (access to take pictures and record video)?
Stun gun light simulation is created with the help of camera’s flashlight. App needs camera permission, so that it could turn on\off flash light.