Voice Changer PRO – Audio Effects

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  • Release Data: 10/07/15
  • Downloads: 1 000 000 - 5 000 000
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Record your voice and apply alien,child or drunk effect.Share with your friends!

This fantastic tool lets you change your voice in a very easy way. Start the app, press “REC” button and say something to record your voice.
Try to speak fluently and close to built-in phone’s microphone (usually in bottom side of your phone). Next, choose one out of 10 sound effects.
Press “Play” button and hear your modified voice!

You can also apply audio effect on your favorite song stored on your phone or any other audio file from you mobile phone.
Just press “Open” button in top right location of the screen and select sound file you want to add new effects to.

When you are satisfied with the final result of your changed voice or audio file you can save it to library and / or share with your friends.

Possible voice effects to choose:
Helium – your voice will sound as if you filled your lungs with helium.
Cave – your voice will sound as if you were in cave
Cyborg – voice of half a human, half a machine.
Megaphone – speak via megaphone.
Robot – become a mechanical robot.
Demon – change your voice into demon’s sound.
Child – your voice will sound as if you were a child.
Alien – frightening voice of an space alien.
Alien 2 – more frightening voice of an outer space alien.
Drunk person – check how your voice sounds when you are drunk:)

– 10 cool sound effects (helium, cave, cyborg, megaphone, robot, demon, child, alien, alien 2, drunk person)
– Share modified voice / audio with friends
– import your own sound to edit
– can work also as audio recorder